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2014 Autumn Horn Burial and Preparation Making


For our Autumn Horn Burial and Preparation Making!

It is Autumn! That means it is time to retrieve our 2013 Horn Silica, Summer Horn Clay and Nettle Preparations!

On Monday 5th May 2014, we will be retrieving 2013 preparations and commencing the 2014 burials.  This includes; Horn burials, Yarrow preparation (BD502) in stags bladders, Nettle Preparation (BD504) and winter horn clay. As well as preparing and burial of  Chamomile Preparation (BD503) in small intestines and Dandelion Preparation (BD506).

This is a fun time of year for Biodynamic Agriculture Australia Ltd and we are seeking VOLUNTEERS to assist us.
All members and friends interested in understanding the workings of Biodynamic Preparations, are welcome to attend.

How do I sign up?
Please ring the Office on 6655 0566 if you would like to attend on any day.
All volunteers MUST REGISTER BEFORE May 2nd.

What do I need?
Bring old clothes and gumboots if it is wet.
Protective Gloves will be provided.
Bring your own lunch.
Morning Tea is provided.

When is it?
Volunteers will be needed from 9.30am to 4pm on the following days:

Monday 5th May
Tuesday 6th May
Wednesday 7th May
Thursday 8th May

Monday 12th May
Tuesday 13th May
Wednesday 14th May
Thursday 15th May
Please ring if it is very wet as the day may be postponed.

Please contact the office if you are able to help on any of these days.
All retrieval and burials are subject to weather.