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Autumn 2017 Seasonal Notes

What’s Happening on Possumwood Farm? It is now January and our first reasonable rain occurred last Sunday with 110mm. The rainwater tanks and local rivers and creeks are no longer critically low and we have been spared a few days of hand watering vegetables and flowers. Pastures are jumping up at last and fruit trees are about to be planted out now that the soil profile has some moisture in it. We have also experienced two of Bellingen’s hottest days, in the mid 40’s, for many a year.

We have had our biggest ever crop of white sapotes, lychees and mangos, evidently due to the dry spring resulting in a good fruit set. Now the harvest of these fruits is over, I will be attending to the trees: composting, mulching, pruning and tree pasting them all.

The vegetable garden has just begun to take off after our first decent rain and at last we will be able to expand our plantings. I am trialling the light root yam that John Hodgkinson tracked down, and growing bitter melon and luffa for Chinese soups.

It has been a hard season for vegetables with big extremes in temperature and very patchy rainfall. We are considering creating a shade tunnel to protect those leafy greens that are essential for our summer salads.

Monthly sprays of biodynamic soil preparations and timely atmospheric preparations continue to impart resilience and the biodynamic impulse to soils and plants.

Biodynamic Practices

Continue to put out soil and atmospheric sprays monthly if possible before Moon opposition Saturn. Be sure to include 508 (Equisetum) and/or casuarina teas in both atmospheric and soil sprays (fresh equisetum for atmospheric and fermented equisetum for soil). This will build maximum resilience on your farm to buffer the effects of extreme weather.

Spraying Dates

Sequential spraying to encourage rain – buy a Drought Breaker Kit. In case of a prolonged dry spell try a sequential spray when the Moon is in a water sign and preferably near Full Moon.

Sequential spray dates for autumn 2017

Excellent dates this autumn are

  • 8 th – 10 th March, 14 th – 20 th March
  • 4 th – 6 th April, 14 th – 16 th April and
  • 2nd – 4 th May, 11 th – 13 th May

Just order the Drought Breaker Kits for Farm or Garden in time to spray out on the dates suggested above.

Moon opposition Saturn

This is when the Moon and Saturn are standing on opposite sides of the Earth and their forces are raying in towards the earth from each direction.

The Moon watery forces bring in the calcium processes which are connected to fertility, germination, growth and yield. The Saturn warmth/silica processes are connected to building up the right form, structure, ripeness, flavour and keeping qualities to your plants and pasture.

The balancing effects of these two influences streaming into the Earth produce very strong archetypical plants from seed sown at this time.

Spraying biodynamic soil preparations on the evening of Moon opposition Saturn, followed by horn silica on the morning after reinforces this balance between the Moon’s calcium influence and Saturn’s silica influence, giving pasture and crops greater resilience to weather extremes, diseases and pests.

Moon opposition Saturn dates for spraying out biodynamic preparations (Eastern Australian Standard Time)

  • 6th March at 5.48pm
  • 3rd April at 12.42am
  • 27th May at 2.52pm

Moon Descending periods – an alternative soil spraying time, when the Moon’s influences are working below the earth in the soil:

  • March 1 st – 7 th , 21 st – 31st
  • April 17 th -30 th
  • May 15 th – 28 th

Moon Ascending period – an alternative time to spray out the atmospheric preparations when the Moons influence is more above the soil:

  • March 7 th – 21 st
  • April 3rd – 17 th
  • May 1st – 15 th , 28 th – 31st

Pre-ordering preparations

Have you considered joining those members who are taking advantage of our service of pre-ordering preparations? We will set you up on our system so that you can receive your regular order of preparations in time for application at Moon opposition Saturn either monthly or quarterly, or drought breaker kits can be supplied in time for sequential spraying at the optimum monthly time for encouraging rain.

This makes it easier for us here to cater for your need and also is one less thing for busy farmers to have to remember. Your farming enterprise will thank you for this regular attention.

Note: Preparations will be sent by regular mail unless you specify express post when ordering them. We recommend express post where your postal service is slow.