Autumn 2017 Seasonal Notes

What’s Happening on Possumwood Farm? It is now January and our first reasonable rain occurred last Sunday with 110mm. The rainwater tanks and local rivers and creeks are no longer critically low and we have been spared a few days of hand watering vegetables and flowers. Pastures are jumping up at last and fruit trees […]

South Australian Field Days Nov 2016

We are excited to announce a number of Field Days in South Australia during November 2016. For further information click on the links below. Registration phone the BAA Office on 02 6655 0566 or email Paxton Vineyard Field Day – McLaren Vale SA Kym Green – Biodynamic Cherry and Apple Orchard Field Day -SA […]

Back-to-back Workshops at Bellingen

An Introduction to Biodynamics Workshop at the BAA office and an Orchard Workshop at Alan Johnstone’s farm Possumwood were held recently on consecutive days, 21st and 22nd July.  Approximately thirty attended each day, from as far afield as southern Victoria and Chinchilla in Queensland.  Weatherwise, Bellingen seldom experiences such contrasted days, the first wintry (cold […]

A Successful Beaudesert Qld Field Day

Rahane Field Day Nearly 70 people converged on this busy and highly productive farm on Sunday 29th May. The property consists of 74ha rich alluvial soil along Rocky Creek and approximately 168ha rolling upland country, lightly timbered, with controlled rotational grazing on native pasture. The creek flats are used to grow irrigated pasture for their […]

New Biodynamic YouTube Videos

Rejuvenate a Citrus Tree The latest biodynamic how-to guides are now available to be watched on YouTube. Episode 1 (9.13 Min): How to Rejuvenate a Citrus Tree Episode 2 (13.59 Min): How to Rejuvenate a Citrus Tree – Apply Tree Paste

Alleviate Frost Damage In Crops using Valerian (507)

With extreme weather changes becoming the norm these days, orchardists and vignerons often experience damaging late frosts at blossoming time which severely reduce fruit set. Biodynamic Farmers and Gardeners who wish to minimise damage from early Autumn or late Spring frosts on their gardens, orchards, vineyards or crops have a valuable tool in the Valerian […]

Biodynamic Preparations and Drought

By Hugh Lovel How certain notions arise and become entrenched is a bit of a mystery, especially when they are wrong. Yet they do get started and entrenched. One of these is the belief that when things dry up and little moisture is available we cannot put out biodynamic preparations—as if these were delicate microbial […]

What to do When Your Queen Abdicates

I started keeping a hive about 2 years ago after attending a bee workshop. A good friend also attended and we became enthused about being able to utilize the nectar from plants in our gardens and the neighbourhood. This was a really good idea as we share some of the equipment required, support one another […]

Introducing Palagonite – our new Basalt Dust Product

As Min-Plus (BAA’s previous basalt dust product) is no longer available, BAA has sourced  Palagonite as a substitute from mines in Queensland. The freshwater lake in which the diatoms formed the diatomaceous earth deposits at Mt Silvia were also the formative environment of palagonite, which formed from successive lava flows entering the lake and being […]

Biodynamic Agriculture Australia

Biodynamics, is derived from two Greek words, ‘bios’ meaning ‘life’ and ‘dynamos’ meaning ‘energy’. It is a sustainable method of farming based on natural processes, founded in 1924 by Dr Rudolf Steiner. This Austrian philosopher was asked to present a series of lectures to a group of farmers in Germany looking for alternative methods on […]