2014 Autumn Horn Burial and Preparation Making

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! For our Autumn Horn Burial and Preparation Making! It is Autumn! That means it is time to retrieve our 2013 Horn Silica, Summer Horn Clay and Nettle Preparations! On Monday 5th May 2014, we will be retrieving 2013 preparations and commencing the 2014 burials.  This includes; Horn burials, Yarrow preparation (BD502) in stags […]

The Resilience of Biodynamic Properties to Heat and Drought

Australia is a land of extremes – drought and subsequent wildfires and flooding rains are common place. This Summer season is no exception.   While we at Bellingen have not had the extremes experienced in other locations, we have had 40 C plus days followed by overcast and drizzly weather in the 20’s, which puts […]

WA quarantine laws are absurd

** IMPORTANT PETITION ** Western Australian farmers and gardeners purchasing biodynamic products are being slugged $56 per 15-minute inspection, of BAA preparations they order into the State under changes to WA’s biosecurity laws. From July 1 2013 new legislation allows the Department of Agriculture & Food WA (DAFWA) to impose an inspection fee on all […]

Could it be biodynamics actually works?

‘It’s dairying country. We don’t spray,’ the locals said.
‘It’s dairying country. No spray here’, the land agent said.
And for 15 years the paddocks surrounding my home were not sprayed. But the bad management of Australia’s waterways caught up with us.

Chicken’s leg cured with honey…

Poor No 4 chook, my best layer, had a leg which had been partially severed. After trimming away all of the area of infection (without an anesthestic – poor girl) . I swamped it with honey thinking she was done for, but behold No 4 is now back on the nest, laying. The wound healed […]