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Please find below a list of recommended reading for biodynamics. You’ll see our books are divided into a number of categories and don’t forget to see what is on offer on our Specials Page.  Should you wish to order and pay by phone, please give us a call on  (02) 6655 0566 .

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Culture and Horticulture*
*Reviewed by Alan in the winter edition of News Leaf #95
By Wolf D Storl. An introduction to gardening in its wider aspects linking it to historical and philosophical contexts. WAS $36.00
Culture & Horticulture
Biodynamic Pasture Management  By Peter Bacchus. The foundation principles of ecological agriculture – balanced and complete soil fertility, ample humus, building soil life, and paying heed to the energetics in nature and farming – work for standard crops. But they really work for grass. With this book readers will gain an understanding of the powerful effects of using biodynamic preparations in their grass-based farming operation.  Biodynamics works with and enhances natural forces in an inexpensive, non-toxic way. $35.00
Biodynamic Pasture Management
Weeds and what they tell By Ehrenfried Pfeiffer.  *NEW 2014 EDITION* Originally written in 1950, this classic booklet presents a comprehensive overview of weeds and how they grow, what they revealabout their surroundings, and how their powers may be harnessed for the benefit of the human beings who appreciate and use them. $20
 Food Full of Life  By Gill Bacchus.Explores ideas from Rudolf Steiners biodynamics, and how we can learn to find and choose food that is ‘full of life and light’. $25 BUY NOW  
A Biodynamic Farm By Hugh Lovel. A valuable source of information for growing wholesome food on a Biodynamic Farm. $35.00
A Biodynamic Farm
A Biodynamic Manual By Pierre Masson. Practical instructions for farmers and gardeners fully illustrated with diagrams and photos.


$35.00 BUY NOW a-biodynamic-manual
Agriculture lectures By Rudolf Steiner. A course of lectures in 1924. $40.00 BUY NOW agriculture-lectures
The Biodynamic Orchard Book By Ehrenfried Pfeiffer & Michael Maltas This book brings together the best advice for cultivating fruit trees, berries and shrubs using biodynamic methods, with the aim of harvesting healthy fruit free of pesticides.  This is an invaluable book with practical advice on all aspects of planning and maintaining a healthy orchard.


Biodynamics for the Home Garden By Peter Proctor. A spiral bound booklet by Peter covering lots of useful and easy to understand information on biodynamic gardening. $25.00 BUY NOW biodynamics-in-the-home-garden
Building Stones For Meeting The Challenges By Manfred Klett & Michael Spence.Talks at the second international Biodynamic conference in 1986. $10.00 BUY NOW buildingstonesformeetingthechallenges
Ehrenfried Pfeiffer – Pioneer in Agriculture and Natural Sciences By Herbert H Koepf. This publication will aquaint you with the life & work of one of the great pioneers of Biodynamics WAS $10.00NOW ONLY $5.00BUY NOW ehrenfriedpfeiffer
Gardening For Life – The Biodynamic Way By Maria Thun. Beautifully illustrated practical introduction to the Biodynamic way of gardening. $30.00 BUY NOW Gardening for Life
Grasp the Nettle By Peter Proctor & Gillian Cole. Making Biodynamic Farming & Gardening work for you $38.00 BUY NOW Grasp The Nettle
Growing Together By authors M Klett, R Moore ,A Carnegie. Why should we bother. A series of talks at the third international english speaking conference in 1989. $10.00 BUY NOW growingtogether
The Biodynamic Method Of Agriculture   An Introduction By Charley Sievers. A photocopied small publication covering the basics of getting started by one of the early pioneers in Biodynamics in Australia.** Available as an eBook ONLY ** $10.00 BUY NOW thebiodynamicmethodofagriculture
The Biodynamic Year By Maria Thun. Colourfully illustrated 100 helpful tips for gardener or smallholder. $55.00 BUY NOW The Biodynamic Year
Three Lectures On Bio-Dynamics By H.H Koepf. A series presented at 1968 Farm & Garden conference giving a picture of the scientific methods in Biodynamics. WAS $10.00NOW ONLY $5.00BUY NOW threelecturesonbiodynamics