thumbs_dvd-one-manone-cowone-planetOne Man, One Cow, One Planet

Featuring Peter Proctor. Exposes globalisation & its mantra of infinite growth in a finite world. Across India marginal farmers are fighting back, saving poisoned lands and shows what this environmentally sustainable food system capable of feeding everyone actually looks like.


DVD-Biodynamic-Gardening Biodynamic Gardening

By Lynette West. When starting to garden in a biodynamic way it can be difficult to work out what to do when. This DVD gives you the tools and techniques to nurture your garden.  Learn about the vortex stirring technique, how to understand biodynamic preparations and make biodynamic compost, how to make and use manure concentrate, horn manure (500) horn silica (501) and all about the sowing and planting calendar and more….


The-challenge-of-Rudolf-Steiner-DVD-105x150The Challenge of Rudolf Steiner DVD

A documentary film, telling the story of his remarkable life, interwoven with contemporary examples of how his ideas and insights have influenced pioneering work all over the world in education, agriculture, medicine, finance and the arts.