Optimum Spray Dates


(Eastern Australian Standard Time)

Moon opposite Saturn dates for spraying out biodynamic preparations which increases soil activity. Also the best time to plant out seeds.

Moon  =  Fertility & Germination            Saturn  =  Form & Strong Structure

Biodynamic Practices

Continue to put out soil and atmospheric sprays monthly if possible before Moon opposition  Saturn. Be sure to include 508 (Equisetum) and/or casuarina teas in both atmospheric and soil sprays. This will build maximum resilience on your farm to buffer the effects of extreme weather.

Spraying Dates

Sequential spraying to encourage rain – buy a Drought Breaker Kit.

In case of a prolonged dry spell try a sequential spray when the Moon is in a water sign and preferably near Full Moon.

Sequential spray dates for summer 2016 – 17

Excellent dates this summer are

  • 8th – 10th December, 16th – 18th December,
  • 4th – 6th January, 13th – 15th January, and
  • 9th – 11th February.

Sequential spraying to stop excessive precipitation. Just as sequential spraying can be used to encourage rain, when a pattern of too much rain has been established, this too can be brought back to normal with a different timing. The idea of sequential spraying is to bring back to balance what is out of balance using the balancing and life promoting forces inherent in the biodynamic preparations.

The sequence is the same as for encouraging rain; however, the preparations are put out on air/light days (flower) towards the New Moon.

Hugh Courtney says “One should use this technique with an attitude of thoughtful responsibility – in the case of drought it is seen to support watery forces that have somehow become weakened.” In the case of too much rain it supports the forces of warmth and light.

Suggested Dates for Sequential Spraying to Ameliorate Excessive Precipitation

  • December 23rd, 24th and 25th
  • January 20th , 21st and 22nd
  • February 16th, 17th 18th

Just order the Drought Breaker Kits for Farm or Garden in time to spray out on the dates suggested above.

Moon opposition Saturn

This is when the Moon and Saturn are standing on opposite sides of the Earth and their forces are raying in towards the earth from each direction.

 The Moon watery forces bring in the calcium processes which are connected to fertility, germination, growth and yield. The Saturn warmth/silica processes are connected to building up the right form, structure, ripeness, flavour and keeping qualities.

The balancing effects of these two influences streaming into the Earth produce very strong archetypical plants from seed sown at this time.

Spraying biodynamic soil preparations on the evening of Moon opposition Saturn and the horn silica on the morning after reinforces this balance between the Moon’s calcium influence and Saturn’s silica influence giving pasture and crops greater resilience to weather extremes, diseases and pests.

Moon opposition Saturn dates for spraying out biodynamic preparations (Eastern Australian Standard Time)

  • 14th December at 5.03am
  • 10th January at 8.31pm
  • 7th February at 8.53am

Moon Descending periods – an alternative soil spraying time, when the Moon’s influences are working below the earth in the soil:

  • December 2nd  – 15th , 29th – 31st
  • January 1st – 11th , 25th – 31st
  • February 1st – 8th , 22nd – 28th