Basalt/Rock Dusts (Palagonite)

These igneous rock dusts remineralise the soil and often supply trace elements that are lacking. Because they are very fine they are easily taken up by the soil food web. Many rock dusts also benefit the soils with their paramagnetism. They can be just spread out on the soil or incorporated into the compost as it is being made in fine dustings. They have also been demonstrated to help buffer the soils against nuclear radiation fallout.
 The Biodynamic Preparations enhance the ability of the soil food web to use the Basalt dust, making it an excellent combination to revitalise your garden.

Basalt Dust Improves Yields

  • Increases growth of micro-organisms, resulting in increased plant nutrients.
  • Balances Soil.
  • Makes nutrients more available to the plants.
  • Provides most vital nutrients and trace minerals.
  • One application continuously releases minerals throughout an entire season.

Basalt Dust Increases Nutritional Value Of Produce

  • Can increase the cation exchange capacity of highly weathered soils.
  • Speeds composting.
  • May help release phosphates more readily to the plant.
  • One 20kg bag covers 40sq. metres.

Basalt Dust will recondition your soil naturally, giving you healthier plants, fruit and vegetables and higher yields, faster.

Contains: Calcium Silicate and Silica

  • Adequate silicon nutrition may help protect plants from insect and fungal diseases and prevent micronutrient toxicities and other nutrient imbalances.
  • Silicon is also known to improve water use efficiency and enhance root growth and structural strength.

Silicon compounds impact on soil physical and chemical properties such as soil aggregation, water holding capacity and exchange and buffering capacity



Basalt dust is a soil enhancer and 100% remineralizer consisting of natural organic minerals. It contains;

Volcanic Rock

In the form of a fine powder, volcanic rock dust contributes to soil friability and contains micro-nutrients. It also serves as a natural insect deterrent.


Silicates are necessary in building plant protein and in the synthesis of certain vitamins in plants. Silicates function as a vital element in protecting plants against insects and fungi attack, strengthening qualities and have been found to influence other minerals useful in plant metabolism.


Plants need calcium for normal cell division, as a component of cell walls, as a component of the salts inside the cells and as a part of the genetic coding materials.


Magnesium is a key component of the chlorophylls, the green coloured cells in the plant. It is therefore vital as chlorophylls are the cells which perform photosynthesis. Also, plants need magnesium before thay can make use of phosphorous and magnesium also activates several different enzyme systems.


Iron is a constitutent of many compounds in plants that regulates and promotes growth. It is especially important to the function of chloroplasts, the plant cells that contain chlorophyll, which are the particles that perform photosynthesis.


Potassium strengthens plant stalks and helps undo the stress induced by excess nitrogen.


Phosphorus is the “Go” food for plants.

Trace Minerals

Our Basalt dust contains over 70 macro and micronutrients (such as copper, zinc, molybdenum, etc.) to replace depleted minerals and elements. Think of these as salt and pepper – you don’t need a lot of it, but without them, plant growth would suffer.

As a soil remineralisation product,  Basalt Dust:

  • Causes phenominal growth of micro-organisms in the soil.
  • Raises the moisture and nutrient storage capacity of the soil.
  • Makes mineral nutrients readily available, increasing their intake by plants.
  • Provides sustained-release properties.
  • Counters the effects of soil acidity.
  • Reduces soil erosion.
  • Contributes to the building of humus complexes.
  • Improves resistance to insects, disease, fungus, frost and drought.

We sell basalt dust in small amounts for the garden or compost heap or for making manure concentrate or in 20kg bags.


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