Pre Loader

With extreme weather changes becoming the norm these days, orchardists and vignerons often experience damaging late frosts at blossoming time which severely reduce fruit set.

Biodynamic Farmers and Gardeners who wish to minimise damage from early Autumn or late Spring frosts on their gardens, orchards, vineyards or crops have a valuable tool in the Valerian Preparation (BD 507) for doing so.

If there is a serious risk of night frosts, rhythmically stir 10ml of Valerian Prep/ha for 15 minutes in up to 125litres warmed water. Spray above the crops with a mist spray of the valerian solution late in the evening. As a rule there will be no damage from temperatures dropping to -3 or -4°C. If the frost is expected to be more serious than this you can use up to 60ml Valerian Prep/ha.

If frost remains on the crop in the morning or the evening spray has been neglected, the crop can still be rescued by applying another spray of Valerian Preparation in the early morning.

Valerian Preparation can be mixed with Seaweed Concentrate to spray out. An added benefit of spraying your crop with Valerian Preparation is that it enhances flowering in the crop.

There is also the protection offered by their annual application of diluted Biodynamic Tree Paste over the whole orchard to consider.

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