Pre Loader

Autumn presents an ideal time for planting many fruit trees, as well as pruning and harvesting. The fruit tree crops you work with for each of these activities is dependent on your local climate.  The best time to manage fruit trees is when all the fruit has been harvested.

Prune out any crossed over, damaged or dead limbs and mow any long grass under the tree.  Apply Biodynamic Combined Soil Preparation in conjunction with Biodynamic Fish/Seaweed Concentrate, then spread about 5kg of biodynamic compost around the drip line and cover it with mulch – wood chips or pasture hay.

Coat the tree trunk and larger branches with Biodynamic Paste, which nourishes the tree through the bark and gives protection against insect attack and heals the pruning wounds. Dilute some BD Paste with water, strain it and spray it over the rest of the tree.
N.B. A 10kg bucket of Biodynamic Paste will cover 4 mature trees or 100 vines.

Finally, on a sunny early morning, spray out the combined atmospheric preparation of horn silica, summer horn clay and fresh equisetum.

This spray will help the establishment of good strong fruiting buds for the next season and aid the flow of sap from the tops of the tree to its roots.

Here is your checklist for Autumn Fruit Tree Management:

  • Combined Biodynamic Soil Preparation
  • Biodynamic Fish/Seaweed Concentrate
  • Biodynamic compost
  • Biodynamic Atmospheric Preparations
  • Biodynamic Paste