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An Introduction to Biodynamics Workshop at the BAA office and an Orchard Workshop at Alan Johnstone’s farm Possumwood were held recently on consecutive days, 21st and 22nd July. Approximately thirty attended each day, from as far afield as southern Victoria and Chinchilla in Queensland. Weatherwise, Bellingen seldom experiences such contrasted days, the first wintry (cold and wet) the second sunny and warm with every indication of an early spring – see the photo below.

On the first day, presenters Alan and John covered the usual introductory programme to the rapt attendees, mostly under cover. Later, we all took a dampening with muddy footwear to conduct the compost build with cow manure, coffee grounds and compost worms (spot the alliteration!) plus many other varied ingredients, mineral, carbonaceous and nitrogenous. A delightful and engrossing learning experience, as usual.

On the second day, Biodynamics for the Home Orchard was held at Possumwood. Alan, Angus Deans from Tingha and Ian Clarke from Daylesford, all awesomely experienced pruners, gave the group a large serve of pruning and fruit tree management tips. By the end of the day Soil Activator, hand stirred, had been put out around the orchard and gardens, much networking achieved, and everyone had become aware of the fruitfulness and beauty of biodynamics in Alan and Cate’s domain.

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