Pre Loader

Biodynamics is a regenerative agriculture, holistic in approach and practice, through which the farmer and gardener bring the substances and forces of nature into high quality sustainable production.

Horn Manure Preparation (500) is used to enliven the soil, increasing the microflora and availability of nutrients and trace elements. Through it, the root growth in particular is strengthened in a balanced way, especially the fine root hairs.

Horn Manure 500 helps in developing humus formation, soil structure and water holding capacity.

Horn Silica Preparation (501) enhances the light and warmth assimilation of the plant, leading to better fruit and seed development with improved flavour, aroma, colour and nutritional quality.

Compost Preparations (502 to 507), known collectively as the compost preparations, help the dynamic cycles of the macro- and micro-nutrients, via biological processes in the soil and in plant material breakdown.

It is Cost Effective

  • reducing fertility inputs
  • helping to produce premium quality products
  • developing consistent production and high net returns

The Biodynamic Preparations

  • create deeper soil and root depth
  • increase water holding capacity of soils – good in drought and flood
  • improve plant and animal health and yield – reducing weeds and pests

Quality Produce

  • tastes good
  • reflects the essence of your farm or garden
  • increases shelf life

The Grower has:

  • empowerment of human skills – understanding of natural cycles
  • increased grower satisfaction
  • health for self, family, farm and consumer

Biodynamics provides tools to make organics easier by:

  • organising the nutrient cycles with the farm or garden
  • activating the soil food web, which creates humus
  • creating resilience in plants and animals against stress and extreme weather events
  • balancing the atmosphere around plants
  • optimising growth cycles using lunar and cosmic rhythms

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