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This compound preparation was developed by Biodynamic Agriculture Australia to incorporate the benefits of the horn manure, the manure concentrate, winter horn clay and fermented equisetum into the one soil spray. Each of these ingredients is included at the same rates as if they were to be used separately, ie 1 ha of combined soil preparation contains 85gm of horn manure, 150gm of manure concentrate, 10gm of winter horn clay and fermented equisetum. I believe that a synergy develops between these ingredients when they are mixed together and that the effect of the combined preparation is greater than that of its individual components.

Combined Soil Preparation is rhythmically stirred for one hour and sprayed out like horn manure at least twice per year or whenever a new crop is planted.

Combined Soil Preparation is a way of getting all of the soil preparations out in one trip and we recommend it for use as the basic biodynamic soil spray.

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