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This is the original soil spray made from fresh biodynamic cow manure stuffed in a cow horn and buried in rich biodynamic topsoil for 4-6 months over the winter. In winter the soil is filled with Sun-life-forces. These forces cause seed germination; root development and growth of the plant as well as humus formation in the soil. These forces described by Steiner as “an immense Ethereal and Astral force” are preserved in the cow manure in the horn and transform it to horn manure.

To unlock these preserved forces the horn manure is placed into a rhythmical Sun movement created in water. We create this rhythmical movement by hand or using a stirring machine or flow forms. The stirring is a spiralling in and out by creating vortices in the water first in one direction then in the opposite direction. The water becomes infused with these immense forces after an hour of stirring. We are then able to spray these forces out with the water onto our soil.

Horn manure should be used over the entire farm at least twice per year in Autumn and Spring around the equinoxes – 21st March and 21st September. It can also be used every time soil is being cultivated before planting the crop.

Horn Manure (500) is the essential spray for all biodynamic practitioners.

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