Pre Loader

This compound preparation was developed by Maria Thun, who called it Barrel Compost, as a way of getting the influence of cow manure, the biodynamic compost preparations, potentised basalt dust and a living form of calcium in the form of crushed eggshells out onto the soil. Because the manure concentrate is pre-stirred for an hour in its manufacture it only needs 20 minutes stirring in water before being applied to the soil.

We also use manure concentrate to treat effluent ponds and septic tanks, as a liquid manure, a foliar spray, a seed bath, in tree paste and as a root dip before planting trees.

Many biodynamic farmers and gardeners stir manure concentrate with horn manure as a way of getting the influence of the biodynamic compost preparations as well as that of the horn manure out onto their soils in the one application. We feel that these two soil sprays are very compatible. It is also associated with neutralising the effects of nuclear radiation fallout.

Manure Concentrate is a way to spread the influence of the compost preparations and we recommend its use as a soil spray in combination with horn manure.

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