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Members will know this product as Tree Paste and how fantastic it is for not only trees, but roses, grapevines and other shrubs. We hope you’ll like the name change which we feel reflects the wider uses of the paste.

Winter is the ideal time to be using it.

A 10kg bucket will generally cover about 5 trees (to 3m in height) or 100 roses or vines and a 20kg bucket will cover 10 trees or 200 roses, vines or shrubs and we now offer it in a 5kg bucket.

Biodynamic Paste only needs to be used every few years on trees, but should be used every year on roses, vines and shrubs.

Always use it as a wound dressing after pruning. Use it when you plant out or move a plant. Use it for any damaged section of a tree or shrub. Ideal as a root dip for bare rooted plants.

Biodynamic Paste provides nutrients, discourages growths and damaging insects, promotes healing and reduces transplant shock.

Though our formula is a secret, we will say that it’s a complex recipe that includes clay, biodynamic cow manure, biodynamic manure concentrate which include the compost preparations, diatomaceous earth, fine basalt dust, horn manure 500, fermented equisetum, stinging nettle tea and biodynamic seaweed concentrate.

This concentrated formula makes up to double the size and more. Full details on how to use it included with every product purchase.

Will store for 12 months in a cool, dry place.

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