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Biodynamic Preparation Balls (previously known as compost preparations) consist of the 5 solid compost preparations –Yarrow (502), Chamomile (503), Nettle (505), Oak Bark (506) enclosed in Manure Concentrate Balls and a vial of liquid Valerian (507). They are used in any product being recycled and fermented such as compost, manure concentrate, seaweed tea, fish concentrate, liquid manures, weed teas, composting toilets, septic tanks and dairy effluent ponds.

Why do we use Biodynamic Preparation Balls?

Biodynamic Compost Preparations bring about an order and balance in the decomposition of the compost material. They also:

  • Enhance the proper breakdown of matter into balanced plant food
  • Stabilise odours in compost and liquid manure
  • Control over- heating of compost heap
  • Reduce loss of substance and nutrients in the compost heap
  • Conserve nitrates and phosphates created in compost breakdown
  • Vitalise the compost or liquid manure and hence the soil on which they are used
  • Attract specific beneficial bacteria, fungi and trace elements within the soil

How do I use Biodynamic Preparation Balls in a compost heap?

Make 5 holes in the heap, using a shovel handle, crow bar or similar tool. Make the holes at least 30 cm deep and place each Biodynamic Preparation Ball at the bottom of the individual holes. Back fill the holes with compost or rich soil in which the compost preparations can begin working.

Next, mix the liquid Valerian (507) in 5 litres of good quality water. (Leave town water outside in a bucket for at least an hour for chlorine to evaporate off). Stir water in one direction until a crater forms, then reverse direction of stirring forming a seething chaos. Continue stirring in this direction until a crater forms, then reverse direction again for 10 minutes. This is called rhythmical stirring.
The stirred Valerian is sprinkled or sprayed evenly over the entire compost heap. The heap is then covered with a thick layer of mulch to keep moisture and biological activity contained within the heap.

How many Biodynamic Preparation Balls do I need?

Add your balls to the compost heap at the rate of

  • One small (1g) set of Biodynamic Preparation Balls for up to 3 tonnes of raw material or 12 m3
  • One large (2g) set of Biodynamic Preparation Balls for up to 6 tonnes of raw material or 24 cm3

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