Pre Loader

This preparation was developed by Harvey Lisle and also independently by Anders Skarlind for the treatment of badly degraded soil either from chemical use or erosion or compaction through stock or excess mechanical cultivation. It contains, in minute amounts, all of the biodynamic preparations – 500 to 508 as well as horn basalt, horn clay and crushed eggshells. These are pre-stirred twice during its manufacture which is a form of potentisation.

They found that this was an excellent soil spray to use as the first spray when beginning with biodynamics. The effect is to sensitise or kick start the soil so that it becomes receptive to the other biodynamic sprays. Soil Activator sets up the soil to receive the other biodynamic soil sprays much like a damp sponge will soak up more water than a dry sponge.

Another advantage of the soil activator for the beginner is that it only needs to be rhythmically stirred for 20 minutes. This stirring is quite easily done by hand for small areas and lends itself to home garden situations. We also advise farmers who are interested in beginning a biodynamic program to start with soil activator around their home including their vegetable garden and home orchard and home paddock before they invest in the stirring and spraying equipment needed to cover large acreages.

Biodynamic Soil Activator is an excellent spray to begin your biodynamic practices.

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