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I am exited we have had a great winter this year the crops are looking great. The earth is buzzing with life it can’t get any better than that or can it!!

I was walking through one of my paddocks the other day and the ground was crunching under my feet like I was walking on egg shells. When I looked closely the ground was covered with little green balls!! I thought to myself what and the hell is this!

Having no idea I knew I needed to speak to the two top men in biodynamics so I rang Shane Joyce. He gave me some ideas, but suggested I ring John Priestley and get a second opinion.

Well John was exited! The little green balls are Blue Green Algae Bloom!

I thought the worst as you would when someone tells you have Blue Green Algae, then John started to explain the positive side.

I like to spray my brews out every month when possible and this is what has happened…

I have built the nitrogen and phosphorus levels up to the point the ground is full now that has to a good feeling . I was up at Shane’s property last month, and he gave me some of his soil activator to try (now this is great stuff and I hope everyone is using it) so as soon as I got home I was on my bike and out spraying as any good biodynamic farmer would (I told my wife I will help unpack the car from our trip once I have finished spraying out my soil activator everyone needs priorities!).

Well the soil activator was enough to tip the nitrogen and phosphorus levels over the edge which coursed the Blue Green Algae Bloom. Now what the Blue Green Algae does is, it captures any excess nitrogen and phosphorus that I have in my soil so it can be used at a later stage instead of just being taken up by the atmosphere. I defiantly see Blue Green Algae in a different light now and it does have a good purpose and not such a scary thing as we get told. Now I find this amazing the things that nature can do without our help.

The other thing I think is amazing, we don’t need all those artificial fertilizers like urea to put nitrogen back in the ground just our biodynamic brews like road kill and soil activator. How easy is that and to know your land is as healthy as it possibly can be, must give you a sense of satisfaction I know it does for me.

I see my property as a living thing and it is my job to take care of it the best that I can and biodynamics is defiantly the best way to do that.

By Brian Linke