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Why Biodynamics Works – Part 1

Conventional agriculture uses artificial water soluble fertilisers to feed plants through the soil water. Organic/Biodynamic agriculture use composts, manures (though never direct on food crops) and green manures with the

The Myths of Safe Pesticides

THE MYTHS OF SAFE PESTICIDES Andre Leu, Chair – Organic Federation of Australia Conventional farming is dependent on synthetic biocides (pesticides, fungicides and herbicides). These poisons are used in food production to

Benefits of Biodynamics

Biodynamics is a regenerative agriculture, holistic in approach and practice, through which the farmer and gardener bring the substances and forces of nature into high quality sustainable production. Horn Manure Preparation

Cycle of the Moon

Ascension / Descension Cycle of the Moon (27.32 days) This is often confused with the waxing/waning Moon cycle ie; the phases of the moon from New Moon to Full Moon and

Getting started in Biodynamics

There has been much written on biodynamics and, to be perfectly frank, to a beginner, it can all seem mind boggling! The truth of the matter is, getting started in

How Do I Start?

 A check list for starting might include: Apply the biodynamic preparations – order on-line – go to cart. Assess the state of your soils. Get a soil test. Develop a soil plan to

Storing Biodynamic Preparations

Your biodynamic preparations should be used as soon as possible after receipt. They can be stored in their packaging for up to a week in a cool dry place away

Soil Quality and Profitability

Biodynamic and conventional farming systems: A Review John P. Reganold   Abstract. Biodynamic and organic farming are similar in that both are ecologically oriented and do not use chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The