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How Do I Start?

Experience indicates the biodynamic beginner has three challenges: Developing a sufficient conceptual framework to understand the basic principles of soil care and fertility. Understanding the practical physical requirements for applying the biodynamic

Biodynamics: bring life to your soil

Building carbon and nutrient rich humus into the soil is the common foundation of all good farming; increasing quality production through improved soil health and higher soil water retention, providing

Solutions for Invasive Perennial Weeds

Are you being invaded by St John’s Wort or other perennial weeds? We’ve talked specifically about St John’s Wort here, but these methods could be used for any invasive perennial weed.

Livestock Management with Biodynamics

We live in a land where WATER is usually the most limiting factor. Our enterprise is beef cattle breeding, fattening, backgrounding, & trading. Part of our herd is certified organic

Biodynamics and your Health

The following papers discuss the links between biodynamic and organically grown food and your health. We know many chemicals used in agriculture once thought to be harmless have proven to