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Biodynamic Manure Concentrate (MC)

This compound preparation was developed by Maria Thun, who called it Barrel Compost, as a way of getting the influence of cow manure, the biodynamic compost preparations, potentised basalt dust

Home Garden Kit

This kit will suit home gardeners who have been working with biodynamics for a while. We recommend starting out with Soil Activator, which includes all of the biodynamic preparations, to

Equisetum Arvense (508)

Equisetum is the ninth of the biodynamic preparations indicated by Rudolf Steiner in his lectures. Its purpose is to regulate the watery element brought on by too strong or too

Biodynamic Paste

Members will know this product as Tree Paste and how fantastic it is for not only trees, but roses, grapevines and other shrubs. We hope you’ll like the name change

Rain Maker Kit

Is your garden dry? Are your stock thirsty? Crops dying? DO YOU NEED RAIN? If you answered – YES, it’s time to do a ‘Biodynamic Rain Dance’ and a little Sequential Spraying,

Combined Soil Preparation (CSP)

This compound preparation was developed by Biodynamic Agriculture Australia to incorporate the benefits of the horn manure, the manure concentrate, winter horn clay and fermented equisetum into the one soil

Winter Horn Clay

Horn Clay is the key in boosting the ebb and flow of the plant’s sap resulting in a lively exchange between the roots and tops. Winter horn clay is made

Biodynamic Preparation Balls

Biodynamic Preparation Balls (previously known as compost preparations) consist of the 5 solid compost preparations –Yarrow (502), Chamomile (503), Nettle (505), Oak Bark (506) enclosed in Manure Concentrate Balls and

Fish and Seaweed Concentrate

These liquid manures, fermented using the biodynamic compost preparations, are an excellent tonic for all plant growth and also stimulate the soil life. They supply trace elements and sea minerals