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Biodynamic Horn Manure (500)

This is the original soil spray made from fresh biodynamic cow manure stuffed in a cow horn and buried in rich biodynamic topsoil for 4-6 months over the winter. In


Palagonite – our new Basalt Dust Product As Min-Plus (BAA’s previous basalt dust product) is no longer available, BAA has sourced Palagonite as a substitute from mines in Queensland. The freshwater lake

Biodynamic Soil Activator

This preparation was developed by Harvey Lisle and also independently by Anders Skarlind for the treatment of badly degraded soil either from chemical use or erosion or compaction through stock

Horn Basalt

This preparation is made by stuffing cow horns with fine basalt dust and burying them over the six months of summer. Horn Basalt can be applied to a field as

Horn Silica (501)

In the first lecture of the Agriculture Course Steiner says “Plant life as we know it today can thrive only when these two forces – the forces of substances like