Pre Loader

‘It’s dairying country. We don’t spray,’ the locals said.

‘It’s dairying country. No spray here’, the land agent said.

And for 15 years the paddocks surrounding my home were not sprayed. But the bad management of Australia’s waterways caught up with us. There was no rain and the lower lakes began to dry up. My neighbour sold up. Lots of local dairies sold up. But the bio-dynamic farm down the road didn’t. It kept its herd of 200 cows, and kept cropping.

Hmmm, is there something in this biodynamic lark, I wondered, and bought some preparation 500.

Then, one day without warning, the neighbouring paddocks were sprayed with herbicide. My daughter and I were terribly sick. My doctor told me to move. At least my daughter did. But I was stuck: too poor to move. Too ill to stay.

One morning, sitting outside stirring the biodynamic vat, I noticed a bad smell. Sure enough, a truck went by, yet again billowing its tell-tale chemical mist. My throat would usually burn, my stomach would cramp, my head would ache, and I’d vomit and feel wretched for a couple of weeks. But not this time. This time my reaction was much less severe. Could it be biodynamics actually works?

So then one night, when I woke in agony, the penny dropped and my bio-dynamic moment had come. I plopped a black ball of earthy goodness into the pot, and began to stir. It was an ordeal. I looked at the clock, hoping I was heading for the hour. I’d only been stirring for five minutes. But the steely grip of pain started to loosen, and when the hour was up, I was free enough of pain to sleep.

Biodynamics haven’t cured my reactions to toxic chemicals, but they consistently ease my symptoms. Is the multiplicity of all that good biota? May be. But I reckon there’s something more going on. In the turning of the water, in the splashing song of the vortices, the earth and sky energies seem to create a pattern of balance. And that resets my innate pre-sets towards health and wholeness.

Sooooo, I’m very grateful to you biodynamic folks for all your work.  Biodynamic preparations are my light at the end of a toxic tunnel. And the bonus is, all my garden friends benefit too.

Story by BAA member, Vesper Tjukonia