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Biodynamics and Backyard Gardening growing together

How do you spread your message when you aren’t a large corporation with a substantial advertising budget and yet you know you have something that could help a lot of people and the environment? Join forces with similar minds.

Cityfood Growers and Biodynamic Agriculture Australia Limited (BAA) have done just that. They’ve combined in a promotional partnership to provide more value to their respective memberships with the aim of supporting the expansion of urban food growing and the use of biodynamic gardening practices.

BAA is providing a 20% discount on its yearly garden membership to paid subscribers of Cityfood Growers. Whilst BAA members receive a 20% discount on the yearly Gardener subscription of Cityfood Growers.

“It’s fantastic to see many people returning to the tradition of backyard vegetable growing. People are moving away from supermarket vegetables that have been stored for too long, and grown in a mass produced fashion that seems to remove much of the flavour we used to enjoy in our food,” said BAA Chairman, Ray Unger.

“Using biodynamic methods creates deeper topsoil, increases root mass and depth and water holding capacity of soils, improves plant health and raises the yield and flavour of all farm and garden produce. Biodynamics can work for you whether you are a broad acre farmer or an urban gardener and we are very pleased to be joining forces with Cityfood Growers.”

“Having developed an understanding of biodynamics over many years of practice and study and contemplated how it compares to organics, I can see that with the growing interest of city dwellers in organic gardening, there is a great opportunity with this BAA partnership to work biodynamic gardening practices into this blossoming urban agriculture movement,” said Peter Kearney of Cityfood Growers.

“Our business has a community of thousands of Australians who grow food at home. From pots on high-rise balconies, to city mini-gardens, to large suburban plots and hobby farms, our subscribers are making grow-your-own a must-have life skill for the 21st century. City folk are taking up spades, trowels and hoes for the sake of their good health, the environment, great-tasting food, household budgets, and the sustainability and resilience of our urban communities”. Says Peter Kearney.

BAA promotes and supports biodynamic methods in Australia. Once their biodynamic preparations were available only to members, these days you can visit the BAA website and order them online.

Cityfood Growers, is primarily about educating people to grow their own food and includes: biodynamic gardening workshops, food garden planning for hobby farmers and city gardeners, developing organic growing training material for educational organisations, consulting on urban agriculture and a subscription based web site at