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Biodynamic Agriculture Australia Ltd’s (BAA) Director, Shane Joyce has a lot of rough country on his farm that is inaccessible to tractors, therefore limiting his ability to spray out biodynamic preparations. Not willing to sit back and give up on this section of his farm, Shane developed a particularly innovative way to spread biodynamic preparations out and the results are very interesting…..

Shane is enlisting the help of his cattle, by infusing his drinking troughs with Biodynamic Soil Activator.

BAA Soil Activator, has the complete suite of Biodynamic Preparations and is pre-potentised in its manufacture, thus needing minimal stirring before use. By simply adding a mix of the Soil Activator into a large “Tea Bag” and letting the preparations infuse into the drinking water, the cattle happily drink the water and spread the ‘tea’ in the form of urine across the paddocks.

The Results????

Shane observed that the usual green patches appeared in the pasture where cattle urinated, however, unlike the patches of green that appear and then disappear in conventional farms, Shane noticed that the green patches kept expanding as the Biodynamic Preparations began to work.

This practice is not recommended as a way of spreading Soil Activator over your property, however, it is certainly worth trying, particularly when your cattle, sheep or other livestock are in country that is difficult to drive around with a spray rig.

 Here is the recipe for ‘Shane’s Biodynamic Tea Bags’:

  • Make a 20cm wide by 50 cm long bag out of shade cloth – 70% grade
  • Attach the bag to a ball float, approx 10.3cm diameter
  • Half fill the bag (approx 2kg) with Biodynamic Soil Activator
  • Secure the bag near the water inlet to the trough

The Soil Activator then diffuses into water as stock drink.

As activator quantity reduces to fibre only, then empty fibre residue into grass, & replenish with new activator.

Biodynamic Agriculture Australia’s soil activator contains all the biodynamic preparations (Horn manure, horn clay, horn silica, horn basalt, manure concentrate, equisetum).

Shane also uses borax & other ingredients that need ‘boosting’ in the local landscape. The additives he places in his cow pat pit when he makes the same.

If you use the tea bags on your property, please let us know what your results are and we will share with our readers.