Pre Loader

Many farms and gardens have been affected by flood waters in recent weeks. We’ve asked our experts what you could do to help the land recover and start producing for you again. Here’s what they had to say:

A soil spray of Biodynamic Soil Activator along with fermented Equisetum (508) and 35% hydrogen peroxide dilution (one part per million) and an extra dose of Horn Silica (501) may be helpful. Rhythmically stir the 501 with the 8x 508 and the 35% hydrogen peroxide for 45 minutes and add the soil activator for the last 15 minutes of stirring.


Home gardens

1gm BD 501, 2 drops Fermented BD 508, 2 drops hydrogen peroxide and 30gm Biodynamic Soil Activator stirred in 13 litres water.


2gm BD 501, 4 drops Fermented BD 508, 4 drops hydrogen peroxide and 75gm Biodynamic Soil Activator in 35 litres water/ha.

Biodynamic Soil Activator, which contains all the preps including the much neglected Horn Silica (501) is available in several sizes. Fermented equisitum is also available. (Remember there are significant discounts for members, so consider signing up here, if you aren’t already a member).

We wish you all the best in your recovery from flooding.