Pre Loader

There has been much written on biodynamics and, to be perfectly frank, to a beginner, it can all seem mind boggling! The truth of the matter is, getting started in biodynamics is simple – just add some preps! We’ve been working hard to make life a bit easier and for home gardeners in particular, our product, Soil Activator, can be a very simple way to start.

Soil Activator is based on composted biodynamic cow manure and includes all of the biodynamic preparations BD500 through to BD508. It creates a healthy balance in the soil, enhancing the breakdown of organic matter and attracting beneficial fungi, bacteria and earthworms. It allows your plants to become sensitive to the cosmic forces, for example the influences of the moon. You can download a detailed instruction sheet Soil-Activator.

It’s very easy to use. Order from the office (02) 6655 0566 or right here from our website. Go to your relevant product section. Members receive substantial discounts. Check out membership here.

Other Thoughts on Getting Started in Biodynamics

Experience indicates the biodynamic beginner has three challenges:

  • developing a sufficient conceptual framework to understand the basic principles of soil care and fertility
  • understanding the practical physical requirements for applying the biodynamic preparations and confidence

A Check List for Starting

  • Apply the biodynamic preparations – just get started
  • Make contact with other biodynamic farmers or gardeners
  • Assess the state of your soils. This can be through your own soil knowledge, inviting an experienced biodynamic farmer to visit or having a soil test done
  • Develop a soil plan to balance and enliven your soils and improve organic matter. A successful outcome will diminish weeds, pests and disease

Starting is always an individual process and development should take place at a pace you feel comfortable with. This may mean selecting a smaller area to begin with and becoming familiar with processes and outcomes in your circumstances and environment. Consider joining in on one of our workshops or field days.

Enjoy the process!