Pre Loader

This preparation is made by stuffing cow horns with fine basalt dust and burying them over the six months of summer. Horn Basalt can be applied to a field as an atmospheric spray to increase the potency of any application of mineral basalt or rock dust. When used in this manner you will find that you will only need 10% of the basalt dust amendment to achieve the same results.


Rhythmically stir 2gm of Horn Basalt in 35 litres warm water for one hour (as per Horn Silica (BD 501) and spray out into the atmosphere in a fine mist in the afternoon. Horn Basalt can also be stirred and sprayed out in the early morning with Horn Silica Summer Horn Clay and Fresh Equisetum (BD508).

Basalt dust used in agriculture has many advantages. It contains micro-nutrients, silicates, calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, phosphorus and trace-elements essential to plant growth. Basalt dust is also paramagnetic with some samples being more paramagnetic than others.

Basalt dust recreates the glacier experience, for when the rocks are crumbled many enzymes are released as well as lots of trace elements and minerals. As we have not had this experience in Australia for some considerable geological time, rock dust is an important additive to our very leached and mineral depleted soils.

If you don’t wish to make your own, you can BUY Horn Basalt.