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Palagonite – our new Basalt Dust Product

As Min-Plus (BAA’s previous basalt dust product) is no longer available, BAA has sourced Palagonite as a substitute from mines in Queensland.

The freshwater lake in which the diatoms formed the diatomaceous earth deposits at Mt Silvia were also the formative environment of palagonite, which formed from successive lava flows entering the lake and being quenched underwater in a similar fashion to the Hawaiian offshore pillow lavas which are still forming today.

Paramagnetically Min-Plus rated at 380 cgs while the palagonite that BAA now sells rates at 780. The product comes in 20kg woven plastic bags and is milled fines of 1mm particle size down to dust.

Chemically both Min-Plus and palagonite originated as basalt. On entering and forming the lake floor, Mt Silvia lava became vitrified or glasslike. Later, this became oxidised and the resulting hydrated chemistry is more plant-available as a soil amendment and compost activator than basalt dust or quarry crusher dust.

Mt Silvia palagonite also contains unhydrated basalt, so is a combination of hydrated and native basalt milled together as one product, ie there is a combination of both soluble and unsoluble basalt within the one product.

Palagonite basalt dust, as supplied by BAA is an excellent product to be used wherever our previously supplied Min-Plus has been recommended and at the same rates and price.

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