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Beecher and Beth Larkin and Glenda Bellingham have been promoting biodynamics in their local area of Wamuran in Queensland.

About 40 people (local members of BAA and their guests) attended a workshop at their Certified Organic farm on Saturday 8th June.
Local permaculturalists attended an Introduction to Biodynamics morning on Sunday 9th June with Glenda, where Glenda introduced the biodynamic preparations; how they are made and how they are used.

Beecher and Beth have been putting out the soil and atmospheric biodynamic preparations monthly at Moon opposition to Saturn rather than their past practice of applying the preparations only twice a year.

Beecher observed that despite having received record rainfall this year (the most in the last 9 years) his strawberries have considerably less rot than in previous years. He puts this down to his current practice of monthly application of the biodynamic preparations.

Thanks to Beecher and Beth for all their great work!