Pre Loader

I heard this morning on the radio that some university received an Eureka Award for their work on phosphorus. I have no idea what their findings were on how to address the dwindling phosphorus sources on the planet.

I do remember some years ago there appeared a report that was based on Victorian dairy farms which stated that biodynamic farms had a problem with phosphorus compared to conventional ones. That took me by surprise as we have the preparations working in our favour. The Valerian Flower remedy (BD 507) in particular is aiding the phosphorus organisation in the soil, but of course only those farmers that use the preparations in their compost or use Cow Pat Pit can benefit from that remedy.

At the time of the report I approached the author about the nature of the mentioned BD farms, whether they had used the field preparations only or the full scale of the preps. She told me that she had only been working with the material that was supplied to her and that she had no knowledge of the background. She gave me the names of the people who had done the field work, but busy as one always is, I did not follow that trail further.

If we look at the sale records of BD Tas. it is obvious that very few members use the compost preparations compared to the use of the horn manure (BD 500). It could easily be the same in other parts of the country.  While applying BD 500 is a very good start for biodynamic soil management, it only supports the soil food web, in particular increasing beneficial bacteria and leading to lush growth.

It would be very unfortunate to restrict biodynamic management to BD 500 only. Rudolf Steiner gave us the full set of preparations to enable our ageing soils to gain the ability to re-connect to the cosmic forces in order to advance our agriculture.

It is only by applying the full set of preparations that all of the soil elements are organised in a harmonious way. There is a deficiency of selenium in some Tasmanian soils. Yarrow is collecting selenium, even if it has been grown in soil that has no detectable trace of it. With the Yarrow remedy (BD 502) we bring selenium in. The individual compost preparations (BD 502 to BD 507) are acting in the soil like the organs of our body do. Every one of them has a different function in organising a balanced soil. We could not live without a kidney or a liver, we need them all. In the same way the soil needs all the preparations for a top performance.

Coming back to phosphorus: we should not waste it. Bones contain a lot of phosphorus which can be saved by burning them on a fire and adding the ash to the compost. As we personally only get the bone supply from the dog food (we are vegetarians), I also save the bony inserts from new cow horns and gradually turn them into ash.

Article by Ute Mueller