Pre Loader

Your biodynamic preparations should be used as soon as possible after receipt. They can be stored in their packaging for up to a week in a cool dry place away from electrical interference. After this time they need to be properly stored to retain their viability. Preparations for the soil and compost should be stored in a glass jar with a loosely fitted plastic lid which is placed in a larger jar; ceramic crock or terra cotta pot plant pot or a wooden box surrounded by at least 50mm of peat moss (available from produce stores. The peat moss can be dry or slightly moist. It will eventually dry out anyway and its main purpose is to act as a protective barrier against electrical and mircowave interference.). The outer container needs to have a lid that can breathe ie not tight fitting. The atmospheric preparations – horn silica; summer horn clay should be stored in glass jars in the sunlight on a window sill. All preps should be stored away from electrical interference.

The preparations themselves need to be checked every month or so and if they are drying out need to be moistened with a few drops of rain water. The preparations can store for up to 3 years and retain their life force. However, this gradually reduces, so if preparations are stored for over a year you will need to use a larger quantity per portion.