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Meet the Team


Roger Carthew

Roger commenced his own business in 1976 and has managed and grown a number of successful ventures since then. He has the ability to identify and pursue niche market opportunities in business and is a skilled presenter on the subject of environmental performance and organic agriculture. During the 1990’s he ran a farm in South Australia based on keyline principles. More recently, Roger is the founder and manager of Vital Veggies, a successful Adelaide business that installs food gardens into homes, kindergartens and schools, incorporating permaculture design and organic/biodynamic inputs. He is passionate about encouraging and helping all people to grow their own food naturally and reconnecting with the source of their food. Roger is a regular attendee at networking events with topics of business, mining, sustainability, clean tech, and leadership development and has an extensive network throughout business and government.

Deputy Chair

Kym Green

Kym is a fifth generation orchardist and Nuffield scholar from Lenswood, SA who has practiced biodynamics on apples and cherries since 2006. He’s a keen communicator and innovator, holding field days on his farm and teaching his own effective pruning methodology from Australia to the US and Chile.


Judi Unger

I am a partner of a 1400ha ACO certified organic/biodynamic property in Peak Hill, NSW.  With my husband Ray, I run a mixed farming broadacre enterprise growning merino sheep, wool fat lambs, poll Hereford cattle and cereal grains and hay.  We have been members of BAA for 20 years (Ray was Chairman 2010-2014).  We began applying biodynamic principles to our property in 1997 to create a living, thriving and healty environment for our family animals and crops.

Furthering my knowledge in plant production I completed a Diploma in Organic Agriculture focussing on soil fertility and an intenstive permaculture course through Milkwood.  Along with a lifetime love of growing native trees, fruit, vegtablkes and eggs I strive to live a lifestyle of self-sufficiency, environmental responsibility and living sustainably.

As a retired high school teacher and principal I have experience in various executive roles in educational settings, agricultural groups and within my local community.   I believe I can bring a sense of purpose, a lifetime of experience, practical knowledge of farming and gardening, technological competance and the ability to work as part of a team within the BAA to foster the educational role of promoting the principles of biodynamics.


Melissa Brown

I am the viticulturist and co-owner of Gemtree Wines, Mclaren Vale.  Our 306 acres of vineyards and all our wines are certified biodynamic with Australian Certified Organic.  The health of our vineyards and consequently fruit quality has continued to improve year on year under a biodynamic regime.  Since 2006 I have attended many workshops and read to increase my knowledge as well as belonging to Biodynamic AGriculture Australia Ltd.  It is a journey I am committed to and am proud of what we have achieved in setting the scene for future generations.

We offer interactive tours to visitors to educate them about the biodynamic philosophy.  The tours are called “Being Biodynamic” and “Wine and Wander”.  The Wine and Wander tour takes in the Gentree Ecotrail, a 25 acre parcel of land we have dedication to native flora and faune in the heart of ouyr vineyards.

I hold an Assoc. Dip. in Business, majoring in Human Resource Management from Uni SA, and a BSc majoring in viticulture from CSU Wagga.  I have served on the boards of Greening Australia/SA for 5 years and Regional Development Australia, Adelaide metro for 2 years and as chair for the Viticulture Reference Committee in Mclaren Vale.


John Hodgkinson

John is editor of BAA’s News LeafJournal, he has led a life dedicated to learning and sharing knowledge in a number of fields. These include adult education, farming and gardening, and the natural environment. John is particularly interested in promoting holistic approaches to food growing. As a member of the BAA team he is keen to engage with farmers and gardeners wishing to adopt and improve biodynamic practices.


Kim Deans

Kim has spent over 25 years working in agriculture and her formal qualifications include a Bachelor of Rural Science (Hons) and a Master of Agriculture degree both from UNE.

Kim has worked in a range of areas in agriculture including a family farming business and worked as a Rural Financial Counsellor for 12 years until 2015. Kim currently facilitates Farm Planning workshops with landholders located in the Northern Tablelands Local Land Services area.

Kim is passionate about regenerative, organic farming practices that produce nourishing food in healthy living soils.

Kim and her husband Angus have been practising biodynamics on their property near Tingha, NSW since 2006.


Sid Hazell

Ian (Sid) Hazell is a TAFE teacher who has been teaching Organic Farming, Biodynamics and Production Horticulture for over 15 years. Over that time he has brought many students to the BAA office in Bellingen twice a year so that they may participate in preparation making and be exposed to the concepts of biodynamics. He is passionate about passing on the knowledge and benefits of organics and especially the deep respect for the earth and humanity found in biodynamics.


Peter Kearney

Peter Kearney is an experienced organic food grower in cities with a strong passion for developing the urban agriculture potential of cities. Peter’s business, My Food Garden consults to individuals, community organisations, governments and large property developers on integrating sustainable urban agriculture into their environments. Peter was the founder of Millen Farm, a significant community agriculture initiative in Samford, Brisbane. Peter commenced his connection to biodynamics in 1995 and runs biodynamic workshops in capital cities of Australia. In 2018 he ran a series of workshops at an international biodynamic conference in Switzerland. Peter trained as an accountant and has participated in a diverse range of commercial, government and community organisations in his work career as entrepreneur, consultant, employee and volunteer.

Company Secretary

Louise Skidmore

Louise has been an ACO certified organic/biodyamic beef producer since 1990 with partner, Randolf, on the Darling Downs, Qld and in Hernani, NSW, where biodynamic practice guides their environmental management system and farm management.

Previous not-for-profit board positions include regional Natural Resource Management body, Condamine Alliance, Biological Farmers of Australia, Organic Federation of Australia, Central Downs Landcare, and Clifton Landcare.

Louise has completed a Diploma in Conservation and Land Management and the Australian Institute of Company Directors New Directors course. Louise is a General Aviation and RAA pilot; owning an aircraft for inter-farm commutes.

Front Office Administration

Glenys Watt

Glenys Watt grew up on a dairy farm in the Central Highlands of Victoria. After a career in the banking industry she settled in Bellingen in 1994 where she lives on a hobby farm with her family. Glenys works enthusiastically as our receptionist and administration assistant and enjoys interacting with our farming and gardening membership.

Events Co-ordinator

Fiona Hannaford

Fiona’s background is one of office administration and management – working in a very corporate world for many years. Fiona wanted to obtain balance in her life by understanding and incorporating physical and mental relaxation to counter the stresses of life. She now lives on an 8ha property in beautiful Bellingen with her husband and two children.

Fiona combines her passion for biodynamic agriculture with her organisational talents. She is BAA’s events co-ordinator and the person to talk to if you plan to hold a workshop or field day at your place.

Preparations Manager

Alan Johnstone

Alan is a founding member of BAA. He has been working with biodynamics at BAA since 1989 except for a three-year sabbatical from 2007-2010. He has been making preparations since 1990 with Terry Forman being his mentor. Terry learnt how to make preparations from Bob Williams; who brought biodynamics to Australia. Alan and his partner Cate live on their 5ha biodynamic, polyculture, hobby farm near Bellingen, NSW. Their children attended the Chrysalis Steiner School at Thora.

Preparations Assistant

Mark Pye

Mark has been associated with BAA since 2005 when he began volunteering at horn burial and retrieval times. He has had considerable experience in organic/biodynamic garlic growing and livestock management on his small holding at Kalang, near Bellingen. He took up this part-time BAA employment in 2017. His other hats are salesman, including selling real estate, chef and owner/builder.

News Leaf Journal and Between the Leaves Editor & Workshop/Field Day Presenter

John Hodgkinson


Even during his Army education career John always had his heart in growing tasty and nutritious food. Principally a geography teacher, he always maintained a productive vegetable garden and dreamed about his return to the land. Equipped with skills in farming and grazing from his younger days on farms around Glen Innes, as well as beekeeping, humus gardening and permaculture, he eventually settled on the Dorrigo plateau in 1993, where he applied the biodynamic preparations to his polyculture and had spectacular results. Now settled in Bellingen, he has been involved with BAA since 2005. He feels he has finally found ‘home’ in the Spiritual yet practical world of Rudolf Steiner, and with a wonderful lot of like-minded people.