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A rationale for applying the biodynamic preparations in the form of Soil Activator

John Hodgkinson

According to the late Hugh Courtney, biodynamic guru and founder of the Josephine Porter Institute in the US, the respiritualisation of the Earth is one of the most pressing tasks for humanity. Cosmic energies necessary for life on Earth are being increasingly shielded by human generated electromagnetic radiations (EMRs), for example mobile phone microwaves, TV and radio radiation, and other EMRs of many kinds, both from ground emissions, the electricity grid, and from the staggering increase in satellites.

The biodynamic preparations are an ideal means of countering these “dreadful energies”. He advocates the use of the preparations not just to heal earth substance and lifeforms, but the substance of water as well.
Through the powerful etheric and formative forces of the preparations we can accomplish a great deal of healing, not just of the soil and its food web, but of plants, animals and humans. Most importantly, he says, the preparations need to be used as a totality rather than in isolation from one another, in order to achieve a harmony and balance of forces.

This is where Biodynamic Agriculture Australia’s Soil Activator comes in, as it contains all nine preparations, plus winter and summer horn clay, horn basalt and crushed eggshells – the last a source of organic calcium.

Hugh emphasises his point by claiming there is a distinct probability that the use of the preparations, combined, serves to awaken certain vital celestial relationships that remain dormant under organic, chemical or traditional agricultural practices.

Source: What is Biodynamics? 2005, Steiner Books, (Seven Steiner Lectures with an Introduction by Hugh J. Courtney)

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