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Biodynamic Articles

Interpreting Keats’ Antipodean Astro Calendar – additional guidelines

John Hodgkinson 1. When to apply soil and atmospheric sprays• apply biodynamic soil sprays (500, Soil Activator, Combined Soil Activator, Manure Concentrate, Winter Horn Clay, Fermented 508) on DESCENDING MOON. • apply biodynamic atmospheric sprays (501, Summer Horn Clay, Fresh 508) on ASCENDING MOON. Explanation: The Moon’s ascending/descending orbit is …

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The case for Paramagnetic Tower Systems

The case for paramagnetism:  biodynamics could save the world – with a little help from energy towers and paramagnetic rock dusts. John Hodgkinson Since reading Paramagnetism by Philip Callahan and Secrets of the Soil by Tompkins and Bird many years ago, I have relentlessly advocated the application of “paramagnetics” to gardening, …

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Heaven and Earth

Harvesting by the stars might be mumbo jumbo, but the fortunes of this winemaker are rising Like most winemakers, Sergio Carlei is fascinated by terroir – the way that the soil, rainfall and other physical characteristics of a vineyard site produce distinct qualities in the wine made from it. For …

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Is organic healthier? Settling a long-time agricultural debate over nutrition

Sir-Albert-Howard-was-the-father-of-the-modern-organic-farming-movement-in-the-West Is organic food healthier than conventional food? Anneliese Abbott – (sourced from Eco Farming Daily, 1.8.22, with thanks) Aside from the debate over whether or not organic agriculture can feed the world, this is probably one of the most controversial topics related to organic farming. It’s been pretty well documented …

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Why food prices are expected to skyrocket and how biodynamic farming is the solution

An article by Dr. Joseph Mercola on rising food prices around the world suggests that “biodynamics is  the solution for the future of agriculture”. Food shortages and skyrocketing food prices now appear inevitable. The global food price index hit its highest recorded level in March 2022, rising 12.6% in a single …

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Releasing the sacred biodynamic cow into syntropic agroforestry

Kumbartcho Enterprises Biodynamics & Beyond workshop, 7 – 8 May 2022, Kilkivan, Qld John Hodgkinson Mark  Pye (Preparations Manager), Kaz Selbie (News Leaf Editor) and myself (News Leaf Associate Editor) recently travelled to Shane Joyce’s Kilkivan Qld property Kumbartcho for his and his business manager, Juli May’s workshop Biodynamics & …

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Ravensbourne Qld biodynamic workshop

John Hodgkinson On the 4th of May 2022, three staff members of Biodynamic Agriculture Australia, Mark, Kaz and John, ventured into the upper Brisbane River Valley to conduct a one-day Introduction to Biodynamics workshop on “Emaho Trees”, Ravensbourne. This property, owned by Barbara and James McGeogh is a tree farm …

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