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Biodynamic Articles

How to make biodynamic compost

The difference between “ordinary” compost and “biodynamic” compost is the insertion of the biodynamic compost preparations into the heap when it is fully built. These preparations, developed by Rudolf Steiner, amplify Earth and cosmic energies, enlivening the decomposition process and leading to much richer compost.All crops need soil that will …

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Biodynamics for Viticulture

Wherever we look in wine literature these days, it is hard not to notice the increasing prevalence of the words “organic “and “organically grown”. If we look a little harder we might also notice the words “biodynamic” and “biodynamically grown” appearing more frequently, especially overseas. From the perspective of one …

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The Essence of Biodynamic Agriculture

John Hodgkinson Many people are unaware that biodynamic and organic agriculture are viable alternatives to conventional (chemical) agriculture, and many do not know what differentiates them from each other. While organics may involve the importation of many farm fertility inputs, biodynamics is based on a farm being as much a …

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The Art of Goethean Conversation

Conversation as we know it in the twenty-first century is not more glorious than gold, says Marjorie Pock. We attach the term to every casual exchange, to the most idle, inconsequential chit-chat, she says. But Goethean conversations differ at least as much again from those of the salon, she adds. …

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Biodynamics – Marvel or make believe?

Biodynamics: Revitalising the Earth to foster abundance and health John Hodgkinson      The biodynamic system has a powerful vitalising effect on soil and plants, and thus benefits food producing systems and other land use environments where it is applied. Generally speaking, conventional food growing is input dependent and entropic. …

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Passionate about passion fruit

Who doesn’t like the divine flowers, the sweetness and fragrance of passion fruit. It is easy to grow and super rewarding. Plant it in a sunny spot and water regularly; just watch as beautiful flowers turn into tasty fruit.  Passion fruit is a flowering tropical vine, known as Passiflora, that grows in warm climates …

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Can thinking solve our problems?

J. Krishnamurti Thought has not solved our problems and I don’t think it ever will. We have relied on the intellect to show us the way out of our complexity. The more cunning, the more hideous, the more subtle the intellect is, the greater the variety of systems, of theories, of …

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Ten ways to make water go further

John Kersten, November 2023 I have 200 fruit trees in a dry part of Australia and this is what I do to make water go further. 1. SIMPLEST WATERING SYSTEMI draped rope strand from an old mop into a bucket of water. It wicked 7cm (2.5”) up the rope and …

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Hocus pocus? Spirituality and soil care in biodynamic agriculture

Anna Pigott, Swansea University, UK AbstractIn this article, I participate in efforts to re-imagine soils as lively, complex, more-than-human ecologies, by turning to the largely sidestepped subject of spirituality in agriculture. Spiritual knowledge practices rarely sit comfortably alongside technoscientific, productivist accounts of soil health, and yet they can reconfigure how …

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Goethe Nature! We are surrounded by her and locked in her clasp: powerless to leave her, and powerless to come closer to her. Unasked and unwarned she takes us up into the whirl of her dance, and hurries on with us till we are weary and fall from her arms. …

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