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Biodynamic Articles


Sid Hazell talks at the Bellingen Spring Plant Fair

The Bellingen Spring Plant Fair is on again at Bellingen Park, NSW on Saturday 9 September 2023 from 8am-2pm. We are excited Biodynamic Agriculture Aust’s, Sid Hazel is giving a talk at the fair, about preparing for the next growing season using organic, regenerative and biodynamic methods. Sid Hazell is …

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I’m in a “preppers” mode

Shane Joyce Yes now that La Nina, and the wet years are behind us, and all the predictions are for El Nino to take centre stage…I’ve moved into “a prepare for low rainfall years!” So what does the proactive biodynamic farmer/gardener do to prepare? 1. Begin to act on a sequential spraying …

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What is structured water and why we recommend it?

This is the most important requirement for potentising the soil and atmospheric preparations and for diluting Liquid Soil Activator (LSA). This is that the “good water” must be STRUCTURED, meaning that its memories need to be cancelled or neutralised so that it is receptive to the biodynamic messages contained in …

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Becoming certified but not in the way you are thinking

Stirling Keayes, May 2023 [Stirling Keayes is a Contract Auditor for Australian Certified Organic (ACO) certification. He is also an organic/biodynamic certification consultant, particularly dealing with vineyards and olive groves – Ed] The thought of growing crops, running livestock or any form of produce grown using only organic methods on …

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Steps for converting from conventional and organic biological to biodynamic agriculture

Certification Several organisations administer biodynamic certification within Australia, adhering to the National Organic and Biodynamic Standards.  The Australian Organic and Biodynamic Standards require that a biodynamic soil preparation is sprayed out a minimum of twice per year. It is also essential to spray out horn silica (501). This is seen …

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In praise of valerian (507)

John Hodgkinson Lately, I have found myself preoccupied with the Valerian preparation. Its stimulation of phosphorus availability in the sprayed environment is most intriguing, the Valerian flowers themselves being devoid of elemental phosphorus! Valerian (507) is made by mashing Valerian flowers, preferably in a mortar and pestle, then diluting 40:1 …

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Biodynamic talk at Bellingen Autumn Plant Fair

Biodynamic Agriculture Australia will be attending the Bellingen Autumn Plant Fair on Saturday 11 March 2023, with lots of information, products, and an informative talk on stage from 10am with Sid Hazell. Sid is a teacher with NSW TAFE and has been teaching organic farming, biodynamics and production horticulture for …

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Earthing: a Biodynamic Gardening Novel  by Kaye Groves

Book Review By: John Hodgkinson I had trouble putting down this intriguing, unpretentious book, and read it in three sessions over two days. At first I found it troubling that all the biodynamic detail seemed to break up and interrupt the narrative. After a while, however, I found myself accepting …

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A biodynamic inspired journey

By Kaz Selbie I love spontaneity. Some say it’s the Gemini in me, but I think it has more to do with living in my now and doing what my heart compels. Recently I had the opportunity to get away so visited a few biodynamic and organic properties on the …

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The low and high octaves of biodynamics

By John Hodgkinson On a mundane level, biodynamics is relatively straightforward, and its practical challenges are fairly easily met. The single, most important challenge from this angle is actually “doing” (carrying out) Steiner’s agricultural indications, AND keeping this up over time. The underlying challenge – vital if one’s practice can …

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