The case for Paramagnetic Tower Systems

The case for paramagnetism:  biodynamics could save the world – with a little help from energy towers and paramagnetic rock dusts. John Hodgkinson Since reading Paramagnetism by Philip Callahan and Secrets […]

Heaven and Earth

Harvesting by the stars might be mumbo jumbo, but the fortunes of this winemaker are rising Like most winemakers, Sergio Carlei is fascinated by terroir – the way that the […]

Ravensbourne Qld biodynamic workshop

John Hodgkinson On the 4th of May 2022, three staff members of Biodynamic Agriculture Australia, Mark, Kaz and John, ventured into the upper Brisbane River Valley to conduct a one-day […]

What is biodynamics?

Sherry Wildfeuer, Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association What do you think a human being really is? Your answer to this question will determine the character of youractions towards other people. […]