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The Essence of Biodynamic Agriculture

John Hodgkinson Many people are unaware that biodynamic and organic agriculture are viable alternatives to conventional (chemical) agriculture, and many do not know what differentiates them from each other. While […]

The Art of Goethean Conversation

Conversation as we know it in the twenty-first century is not more glorious than gold, says Marjorie Pock. We attach the term to every casual exchange, to the most idle, […]

Biodynamics – Marvel or make believe?

Biodynamics: Revitalising the Earth to foster abundance and health John Hodgkinson      The biodynamic system has a powerful vitalising effect on soil and plants, and thus benefits food producing […]

Passionate about passion fruit

Who doesn’t like the divine flowers, the sweetness and fragrance of passion fruit. It is easy to grow and super rewarding. Plant it in a sunny spot and water regularly; just watch as […]

Can thinking solve our problems?

J. Krishnamurti Thought has not solved our problems and I don’t think it ever will. We have relied on the intellect to show us the way out of our complexity. The […]

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