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Biodynamic Agriculture & Anthroposophy course

Section for Agriculture, Goetheanum

Our gift for the 100th anniversary: free participation

Course description

Through deepening into anthroposophy, biodynamic agriculture can be experienced in a truly fruitful way. Anthroposophy develops an image of the human being, whereby the human being – completely connected with the soil, plants, animals and the climate – is able to penetrate nature in such a way that a personal relationship with the spiritual world of beings, which appears in it, can develop.

Out of this spiritual relationship you can work practically, for example with the biodynamic preparations, you can shape the farm into a living organism and you can align your commitment with the big picture of the earth as a living being. Where does the human ability to cultivate nature come from? How far are we as human beings actually allowed to cultivate nature agriculturally? These are some of the questions we will look at in this course.
Find here a report from a participant of the first course in November 2021.

Next Date
27th November – 18th December 2023
Mondays and Thursdays from 13:00-15:00 CET, UTC +1


The course lasts four weeks, seven live sessions àt  two hours with a maximum weekly workload of  six hours.
Practical exercises as well as self-study and peer group learning accompany and connect the regular live sessions during the four weeks of the course.

Technical requirements

Desktop, Laptop or Tablet Computer with up-to-date browser and, microphone & video camera
Zoom Application (Zoom Client for Meetings, free download:

Telegram app for in-between conversion with other students:

Course leaders

Ueli Hurter

Co-Leader of the Section of Agriculture, since 2010. Board-member of the General Anthroposophical Society, since 2020.
In the Supervisory Board of the Biodynamic Federation Demeter International, since 2020. For 30 years biodynamic farmer in Switzerland on ‘Ferme de L’Aubier’ an Co-entrepreneur in the associative initiative L’Aubier, until end of 2020.

Jean-Michel Florin
Studied agriculture and nature conservation, coordinator of the biodynamic association in France (MABD) and trainer for bd farming, author and editor of books and journals, expert and speaker on the subjects: Goethean approach of nature, medicinal plants, landscape, viticulture, etc. Since 2010 Head of the Section for Agriculture. In the Supervisory Board of the Biodynamic Federation Demeter International, since 2020.

Participation terms
The in-depth modules are designed to support people who want to work in the field of biodynamic agriculture at the level of farm management, communication, advisory services, training, coordination or research. They are mainly addressed to people who already have previous knowledge and are connected to the biodynamic movement. A basic interest in the anthroposophical background, as well as the will to explore the subject in depth, should be present.

Contact –  If you have any questions please contact Sarah Sommer

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