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What is Biodynamics?

a practical technique for soil regeneration – healthy soil means healthy plant;

a holistic approach involving composted and potentised herbal preparations;

the next step on from organic gardening and farming; and

a method which ensures optimum quality of food with intense flavours.

How Do I Start?

The truth of the matter is, it is simple to start – just put out some preparations! We ship Australia wide – go the cart.

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Biodynamic Fundamentals

  • What is Biodynamics?
  • Benefits of Biodynamics
  • The Scientific Basis of Biodynamics
  • Biodynamics and your Health
  • What are the Biodynamic Preparations?

Getting started in Biodynamics

  • Getting started in Biodynamics
  • Biodynamics: bring Life to your Soil
  • Timing and Frequency of applying Biodynamic Preparations
  • Storing Biodynamic Preparations
  • Livestock management with Biodynamics
  • Harnessing Water and Biodynamics
  • Biodynamic Preparations and Drought
  • Biodynamics and Viticulture

Biodynamic Preparations

  • Biodynamic Horn Manure (BD500)
  • Biodynamic Manure Concentrate – (MC)
  • Biodynamic Soil Activator
  • Biodynamic Combined Soil Preparation – (CSP)
  • Equisetum arvense – ( BD508)
  • Horn Silica
  • Winter Horn Clay
  • Basalt/Rock Dusts
  • Biodynamic Fish Concentrate and Biodynamic Seaweed Concentrate
  • Biodynamic Preparation Balls
  • Biodynamic Paste