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Earthing: a Biodynamic Gardening Novel  by Kaye Groves

Book Review By: John Hodgkinson

I had trouble putting down this intriguing, unpretentious book, and read it in three sessions over two days.

At first I found it troubling that all the biodynamic detail seemed to break up and interrupt the narrative. After a while, however, I found myself accepting her technique and was much more interested in comparing her obvious knowledge of biodynamics with my own.

Did I correctly note some uncanny pointers to her having read News Leaf over the last 10 years, a journal of which I’ve been Editor and contributed over that time?

Kaye has certainly devised a gripping plot, and her credible characters are clearly drawn. I found myself really caring about their issues and interactions. The fast-paced narrative is enhanced by short and well defined chapters.

I am confident that every committed biodynamic practitioner will love this book.

Thank you Kaye.

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