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Interpreting Keats’ Antipodean Astro Calendar – additional guidelines

John Hodgkinson

1. When to apply soil and atmospheric sprays
• apply biodynamic soil sprays (500, Soil Activator, Combined Soil Activator, Manure Concentrate, Winter Horn Clay, Fermented 508) on DESCENDING MOON.

• apply biodynamic atmospheric sprays (501, Summer Horn Clay, Fresh 508) on ASCENDING MOON.

Explanation: The Moon’s ascending/descending orbit is depicted as the “Moon Position“, an undulating graph dotted line near the foot of each upper page. The red dotted (rising) sections indicate ascent periods. The black dotted (falling) sections indicate descent periods. Each period is approximately 12 days in length.
2. What does “Moon in Zodiac“ mean?
The Moon in Zodiac heavy black curve of symbols shows how the Moon tracks successively past each of the 12 Zodiac signs around the ecliptic – the plane of rotation of the planets around the Sun.

The depiction of these constellations according to the elements earth, air, water and fire are pictured as the plant parts: root, flower, leaf, fruit/seed, respectively.

These timings are guidelines only, and non-adherence in planting, pruning or harvesting does not have serious consequences. Remember that Nature “cuts a lot of slack”.

Experimentation has shown that adherence to these timings does result in significant increases in plant vitality and productivity, however.
3. Phases of the Moon, lunar and planetary nodes, eclipses.
The line picturing waxing and waning of the Moon is the mirror image of the descending and ascending of the Moon’s orbit, but it is probably best to focus on the ascent/descent (rise/fall) of the orbit rather than the phase of the Moon (brightness/darkness).

Full Moon is regarded as “powerful” and therefore an optimum time to carry out certain farm or garden tasks. However, research has shown that Full Moon energy is “chaotic” and it might be best to avoid putting out biodynamic preparations or planting on this day.

Regarding lunar nodes and eclipses, avoid farm and garden activities if possible, especially planting, two hours either side of a lunar node or 12 hours either side of an eclipse.
4. Moon opposition Saturn
Locate Moon opposition Saturn – a little “dumbell” symbol between moon crescent and Saturn symbol on the “Planet Nodes and Trines” alignment.

This occurs every 28 days and is widely regarded as a powerful time to put out soil and atmospheric sprays back-to-back, and to plant seeds and seedlings.

It is recommended to put out a soil spray the afternoon before, and an atmospheric spray the morning after. If necessary, the sequence can be carried out a day earlier or later, as the influence is “in orb“ for a day either side. 

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