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Equisetum Arvense (508) Fermented

Equisetum 508 is made from a decoction of the herb Equisetum Arvense. It has the effect of encouraging the growth of beneficial fungi in the soil in the fermented form and minimising the occurrence of detrimental fungal diseases on plants when sprayed on them as a fresh concoction. Use on the soil for an area of up to 25ha.

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You can make up your own fresh or fermented Equisetum, 100g makes 10l of concentrated tea. Instructions are included. Please note: Equisetum sp. plants and seeds are declared noxious weeds in Australia. The dried Equisetum we sell is imported with AQIS approval. Applied on the soil for an area up to 25ha.

Equisetum/Casuarina Preparation (508)

Fresh Equisetum Preparation (BD508) works with the water balance in the atmosphere as a fresh tea and is used to prevent and stop fungal growth, sooty mould and tightens plants against becoming soft and open to mildew infection. Use as a mist spray on and around plants.

Fermented Equisetum Preparation works in the soil to stimulate the growth of beneficial fungi and large hyphae. Use in droplet form on soil.

To make Fresh Equisetum/Casuarina Preparation
100 gm chopped dried equisetum or casuarina needles or 500gm of fresh casuarina needles.
10 litre water
• bring to boil, simmer 20 minutes
• leave overnight to cool and then strain

To make and use Fermented Equisetum/Casuarina Preparation:
Make up the fresh equisetum/casuarina tea as above, and then leave in container uncovered and unstrained for 4 days. It will probably have a fungal growth on it, but still smell sweet.
• 1 litre of fermented equisetum to 40 litres water will cover 1 ha as a soil spray
• Stir for 20 minutes in a flowform, stirring machine or by hand
• it may be added when stirring soil sprays 500 and Winter Horn Clay
Application: Spray on the soil in droplet form.

To use Fresh Equisetum/Casuarina Preparation on its own:
• 1 litres of fresh equisetum/casuarina tea to 40litres water @ 15 litres per Hectare
• Stir 20 minutes in a flowform, stirring machine or by hand
Application: Fine mist spray morning or afternoon.

To use Fresh Equisetum/Casuarina Preparation with Horn Silica (501):
• 1 litre fresh equisetum/casuarina tea in 40 litre water @ 15 litres per hectare
• Stir with horn silica (501) for one hour or add for the last 20 minutes of stir
Application: Fine mist spray early morning.

Cold Ferment Casuarina Tea (an alternative to above)
• 200 litre barrel half filled with chopped casuarina needles
• fill with water, stir regularly for 3 months
Application: Dilute 1:40 with water and apply in droplets to soil.

Dried Equisitum herb: 100gms is sufficient for 10 ha
Potentised Equisetum (508) 8x fresh (atmosphere) or fermented (soil) 5ml glass vial per spray tank of water for up to 25ha coverage.

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