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Rain Plus

This is a sequential spray kit containing all nine of the biodynamic preparations which are sprayed out in a short period of time – from 12-36 hours.   This sequential application, over three days, can promote rainfall by rebalancing the local atmosphere.  The converse can result in a lessening of rain at flood times.  The sprayed hectare also receives a strong benefit.

$181.60 incl. GST

Includes: Combined Soil Preparation, Biodynamic Soil Activator, Horn Silica (501), Summer Horn Clay, Fresh and Fermented Equisetum (508) and Valerian (507)

A ‘Sequential spray kit’
Sequential spraying refers to the technique of spraying all nine of the biodynamic preparations included in Rain Plus, in a short period of time – from 12-36 hours for the purpose of restoring balance when the forces of the environment have become too one-sided.

This technique was developed by Hugh Courtney, from the Josephine Porter Institute in USA in 1989. Very encouraging results have been obtained from the many who have used it over the following years.

Sequential spraying to encourage rainfall seems to work best when done entirely during a water/leaf period, when the Moon is waxing (preferably close to a Full Moon) and descending. If this is not possible, next best is to proceed when Moon is in any water/leaf period.
*The area that needs to be sprayed is around your home – up to 1ha only.
The area sprayed acts as the focus of the rainfall, which will also radiate out over your farm and neighbouring areas.

Please go to our website and refer to the Recommended Spraying Dates or download the pdf.
Day 1 – In the evening stir Soil Activator for 20 minutes and spray out.

FARM (1ha) – 75g in 33 litres water

Day 2 – In the morning (as near to sunrise as possible) stir the following preparations together for 1 hour and spray in a fine mist over the same area covered the previous night:

FARM (1ha) – 2g horn silica (501), 10g of Summer Horn Clay and 10ml fresh equisetum (508) in 16 litres water

Day 2 – In the evening stir Combined Soil Preparation for 1 hour and spread over the same area.

FARM (1ha) – 245g in 33 litres water

Day 3 – In the morning (as near to sunrise as possible) stir for 20 minutes and spray out the following in a fine mist:

FARM (1ha) – 4ltr of Fermented Equisetum and 10ml valerian (BD507) in 16 litres water
NB: Fermented Equisetum is usually used as a soil spray, however in this situation of encouraging rain it is used as an atmospheric preparation.
Hugh Courtney says “One should use this technique with an attitude of thoughtful responsibility – in the case of drought it is seen to support watery forces that have somehow become weakened.”

Disclaimer: Sequential spraying has been proven to assist with releasing any moisture in the atmosphere. However, if this does NOT occur, the preparations will still have a beneficial effect on the area where you have applied them.

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