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Vine,Tree and Shrub Paste

A nourishing, healing concentrate, made for use on trees, shrubs, vines and roses. Paste or spray out.

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Biodynamic paste is a very important preparation that is painted or sprayed on the trunks and larger branches of vines, trees and shrubs. It is a biodynamic insight that the bark of perennial trees and vines is quite similar to the surface of the soil where compost might be applied.

Biodynamic Paste Instructions

Biodynamic Paste incorporates diatomaceous earth, Biodynamic Manure Concentrate, terra cotta clay, basalt dust and biodynamic cow manure mixed in stirred horn manure (500), biodynamic nettle tea, fermented Equisetum (508) and Biodynamic Seaweed Concentrate.

Biodynamic Paste is used to:
• nourish trees, shrubs or vines through the bark, preventing the growth of algae and fungi
• prevent harmful insects from sheltering amongst the bark on the trunk
• heal any wounds on the stems or branches
• stimulates root growth and enables speedy establishment by dipping bare rooted trees, shrubs and vines into the paste before planting

Instructions for use:
Biodynamic Paste should be applied to deciduous trees, shrubs and vines when they lose their leaves in winter. It can also be applied to other trees or shrubs at any time of the year.

Before applying the Biodynamic Paste, brush off any fungi or lichen with a wire brush and remove any dead wood.

Biodynamic Paste can be applied by hand or with a hearth brush or a whitewash brush, ideally to cover the whole plant, but if that isn’t possible, to as much of the trunk or stem and branches as is possible. If you have a larger area with a greater volume of trees, vines or shrubs, the paste can be diluted to a very thin consistency, strained and sprayed onto the upper parts of large trees, evergreen trees, such as citrus, or over vines using special pumps.

Spraying Biodynamic Paste will not affect the tree’s growth but will contribute to its overall health.

It is important to choose a time when the tree isn’t bearing fruit, as the tree paste will mark the fruit.

Biodynamic Paste may be used every year as a wound dressing after pruning or to damaged bark. A good idea is to slowly work around the orchard or vineyard pasting a selection of trees or vines each year.

In its manufacture, the Biodynamic Paste ingredients are thoroughly mixed for an hour forming a potentised paste concentrate. Simply add water to reach the consistency for the application you intend: slightly thicker for manual application, or thinner if you wish to use spray equipment. The concentrate can be diluted up to 50/50.

Store in a cool, dry place for up to 12 months. Any unused portions after this time may be added to your compost heap.

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