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Download 2021 Recommended Spraying Dates PDF (403KB)

Sequential spraying dates
to encourage rain

January 1st – 3rd
January 28th – 30th
February 24th – 26th
March 23rd – 26th
April 1st-3rd
April 28th – 30th
May 27th – 28th (Lunar Eclipse 26th – don’t spray)
June 22nd- 24th
July 19th – 21st
August 16th – 18th
September 21st – 23rd
October 18th – 20th
December 21st – 24th

Moon opposition Saturn

January 1st, 7.56am
January 28th 9:21pm
February 25th, 12.52pm
March 25th, 3.38am
April 21st, 3.56pm May 19th, 0.29am
June 15th, 5.28am
July 12th, 8.32am
August 8th, 11.50am
September 4th, 4.54pm
October 2nd, 0.10am
November 25th, 6.51pm
December 23rd, 5.28am

Moon descending periods

an alternative soil spraying time, when the Moon’s influences are working below the earth in the soil

(Eastern Australian Standard Time)

January 13th – 26th
February 10th – 22nd
March 9th – 21st
April 5th – 18th
May 2nd – 15th
May 30th –
June 11th
June 26th – July 8th
July 24th – August 5th
August 20th – September 1st
September 16th – 28th
October 13th – 26th
November 10th – 19th
December 7th – 19th

Moon ascending periods

an alternative time to spray out the atmospheric preparations when the Moons influence is more above the soil

(Eastern Australian Standard Time)

January 1st – 11th;
January 28th – February 8th
February 24th – March 7th;
March 23rd – April 3rd
April 20th – 30th
May 17th – 28th
June 13th – 24th
July 10th – 22nd
August 7th – 18th
September 30th – October 11th
October 28th – November 8th
November 24th – December 5th
December 21st – January 2nd, 2022

In case of a prolonged dry spell try a sequential spray when the Moon is in a water sign and preferably near Full Moon. See our guide ‘Working with the Antipodean Astro Calendar’ for more information.

Order your Rain Maker Kit to spray out on the sequential spray dates suggested above. Allow 7 days for postage.

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