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The Abstract Predicament

Dennis Klocek, Seeking Spirit Vision, 1998, pp 33-34, with kind permission
The perception of beauty in nature is the grounding agent that allows the life of creativity pouring from the Godhead to reach our souls. This perception must be distilled, however, like a precious substance whose presence as a fragrance signals its own evaporation.

The perception of beauty in nature, when undertaken in a meditative way, can help the soul to release the lower senses so that they may be transformed into the higher senses. The release of the senses from their bondage to matter can be undertaken abstractly through perception of inorganic laws. This path leads to cognitive states and to ideation, but does not help to establish the perception of the witness. But the release of the senses from their bondage to matter can also be undertaken through warm and intimate perception of the life and phenomena of nature.

In this case, thinking is connected to intuition and to the perception of the ever-unfolding archetypes that lie behind the organic world. This path leads not to ideation but to a perception of the high being who is present in the act of perceiving.

This high self, the witness, is the true guide to the emergence of manas

[consciousness soul – technoscientific man (p29)] culture, the Sophia revelation.

Without the perceptions of the witness, the acts of our most innovative beings will be simulated expressions of temporal anxieties, geared for the production values of a technological age but able neither to unfold magic nor to bestow grace onto the future.

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