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The low and high octaves of biodynamics

By John Hodgkinson

On a mundane level, biodynamics is relatively straightforward, and its practical challenges are fairly easily met.

The single, most important challenge from this angle is actually “doing” (carrying out) Steiner’s agricultural indications, AND keeping this up over time.

The underlying challenge – vital if one’s practice can truly be called biodynamic – is to embrace at least some of his metaphysics – his anthroposophy.

This is not an easy task, and best approached with caution lest it leads to cognitive overload, confusion, or pride – the so-called  “supersensible egoism” in his Verse for Farmers.

It might be better to approach the higher octaves of biodynamics via other esoteric or supersensible writings such as those of Tompkins and Bird, Dennis Klocek, The Findhorn Five, Marko Pogacnik, or Deepak Chopra. Steiner’s The Philosophy of Freedom and Occult Science may well be a turn-off!

As Krishnamurti, a “colleague” of Steiner in the Theosophical Society, put it nicely: From innumerable complexities, we must grow to simplicity; we must become simple in our outward life and in our outward needs. What we are, the world is. And without our transformation, there can be no transformation of the world.”

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