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Toxic chemicals in urban water

Rob Gourlay, PHI’ON, Elements of Life

This week’s national news about the presence of a very toxic chemical in urban drinking water across Australia has sent alarm bells ringing among people and at all levels of government. The community conversation is about the impact of chemicals in the environment on people’s health. Albeit many chemicals are in processed foods and particularly ultra-processed foods. Air and soil pollution with chemicals is also a major issue for human and animal health.

Consequently, we have received many inquiries from our clients about the reports of Perfluorooctanesulfonic acid (PFOS as C8HF17O3S) in urban water.  Albeit this chemical has 1000s of chemical forms depending on its use, including most soft furnishings in homes where it is used as a fire retardant.

This chemical is known to accumulate at a cellular level and adversely affects kidneys, liver, adrenal glands, reproductive organs and systems. It is also known to be carcinogenic to humans. It is present in the modern home and in the outdoor environment, therefore all you can do is limit exposure. This is why I live in the bush and drink only pure ground and spring water, along with rainwater, and grow chemical free food.

People have every reason to be concerned because State Governments particularly are asleep at the wheel on this issue, because over the past 70 years, BigWater, BigChemical and BigEngineering have convinced governments that it is safe to put certain chemical waste into drinking water (e.g. fluoridation and chlorination), and that if people want to remove them, it is safe to use filters. Also, universities have become corrupted through research grants from these big corporations, that is they are no longer aligned to the interests of society. The irony is that governments use taxpayer money to put toxic chemicals into water, and people willingly pay for filters to collect the toxins.

The most common question this week from clients is: Does a filter remove this chemical from the water and does the MEA Water® Device neutralise this chemical?

Firstly, in respect of filters removing or making chemicals disappear, the 1st Law of Thermodynamics says that you cannot destroy matter or energy, you can only transform or change it to another form or state, ie. the principle of reversibility. A filter is an accumulator of matter that turns into a toxic sludge and becomes a breeding ground for E.coli and other pathogenic microbes. Consequently, the water must pass through the filter and carry the accumulated toxic energy to your cells. This is now a toxic chemical load that your blood system must carry to other organs for disposal, including the liver (cleans blood) and kidneys (flushes out toxins if you drink enough water).

A pristine flowing stream and a MEA Water® Device will transform the chemical back to its elemental form. Therefore, C8HF17O3S can be reversed back to its elemental form of C, H, F, O and S in the water as elements, and not in its original chemical form of bonded elements. This is consistent with the 1st Law of Thermodynamics, albeit your cells need these elements (along with about 80-90 others), however not in an unnatural, chemically bond form.

The MEA Water®Device will transform or neutralise chemicals because it changes the frequency/vibration of dead urban water to a negative charge. The natural state of water in a pristine stream is the negative charge that it acquires from the magnetism of the earth and light, vortex and flowing action. Water in a tank, reservoir or in a straight pipe loses its negative charge and becomes positive. Water in a positive charge state is classed as dead water with no life-force energy. Water can only perform its self-cleaning capacity with a negative charge, and thereby neutralise chemicals.

When you drink structured water and stay hydrated, you increase the cell’s capacity to detox, by increasing cell negative charge. This negative charge is fundamental to cell regulation and healing, and it is only when cell charge falls towards a positive charge that disease can manifest.

The science history of water energy or structure extends back over 100 years, and therefore is not new to science, albeit not taught in any Australian university.  Education is meant to take people forward and into a more informed and prosperous society, with improved wellbeing and less disease. Since the future is unpredictable then children need to learn about the dynamics of water so that they can prepare themselves for their own wellbeing, and choices in life. Therefore, given the control that large corporations have over governments and education, the responsibility for acquiring intelligence about your wellbeing rests with each of us.

To read a recent paper written about the science and benefits of using structured water, please click the link below.

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