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What is structured water and why we recommend it?

This is the most important requirement for potentising the soil and atmospheric preparations and for diluting Liquid Soil Activator (LSA). This is that the “good water” must be STRUCTURED, meaning that its memories need to be cancelled or neutralised so that it is receptive to the biodynamic messages contained in the highly energised preparations, as well as their combination, LSA.

Merely using “good water” to dilute LSA ignores the long-standing imperative for stirring such water vortically. Untreated water works but with considerably reduced effect. If you are on town water that is chlorinated or floridated, leave the water outside in an open container for 24 hours before use.

In the case of backyarders and smaller scale users in general, hand stirring was and still is the recommended method of structuring the diluted preparation. Only ten minutes is the recommended stirring time in these cases.

The purpose of introducing LSA was to a make it possible for larger scale users to avoid the need for twenty minutes stirring, as well as the considerable expense and effort involved in purchasing and using stirring machines or flowforms.

There are various ways of structuring water apart from vortical stirring or flowforming, for instance focused intent, thought forms, radionics and even the written word attached to containing vessels. Unfortunately these techniques do not work for everyone, as they require a certain degree of training and some radionics is controversial.

Masura Emoto’s work on structuring water with emotion and other messaging is particularly informative and relevant to biodynamics.

In a practical sense, the best way to simply and easily structure the water to be used to dilute LSA, without any need to stir, is the Phion water structuring device, which comes in various sizes applicable to scale of operation. Many users swear by its efficacy. These devices require no maintenance and will work indefinitely,

The principle of this device is soundly based on the research of Victor Schauberger, Constantin Korotkov and Gerald Pollack, and the Phion devices produce water hungry for the highly potent biodynamic messages of the preparations, as well as carrying a strong and long-lasting negative charge, vital for living organisms.

Disclaimer: Biodynamic Agriculture Australia nor directors or employees gain any financial benefit from sales or promotion of Phion MEA water structuring devices.

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