Tutorials (videos)

Biodynamic How-to Videos on YouTube:

Pruning Pumpkins

Rejuvenate a citrus tree

Episode 1 (9.13 Min): How to Rejuvenate a Citrus Tree

Episode 2 (13.59 Min): How to Rejuvenate a Citrus Tree – Apply Tree Paste

Summer pruning: nectarine tree

Summer pruning of a nectarine tree (6.47Min)

Pruning a peach tree in Spring

Pruning a peach tree (8.33 Min)

pruning a peach tree in summer: another technique

Pruning a peach tree 2 (6.19Min)

How to use and apply biodynamic paste

Applying biodynamic paste (5.40 Min)

How to prepare & apply Biodynamic Soil Activator

Biodynamic soil activator (9.59 Min)

2014 Biodynamic conference

2014 biodynamic conference (1.56 Min)